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Angular limb deformity by corrective osteostomy in a 2 year old Shih tzu
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Langdon Didi 3397454 Elbow Elbow Lateral Flexed Sm A 27 06 2017 13 30 57 101
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Langdon Didi 3397454 Radius Radius Cranio Caudal Sm A 27 06 2017 13 30 56 726

Angular limb deformity, either as a result of trauma, or selection pressure to try to fulfil breed standards especially in chondrodystrophic breeds of dogs, is a common orthopaedic presentation. The deformity can make even walking challenging and leads to abnormal loading of joints predisposing to osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Planning corrective surgery is exact and carrying out the surgical plan accurately to obtain a successful outcome is challenging. Rata has access to a 3D printer which enables us to produce a life sized model of the bones affected and permits the planned correction to be practised on the model to ensure accuracy, and allows selection of the optimum sized implants which can be pre-contoured. This dramatically reduces the need for guess work that is often necessary intra-operatively without access to this technology.

Case description:

This dog is a 4 year old rescue Shih Tzu with bilateral antebrachial deformities of excess procurvatum, valgus and torsion typical for this breed. These deformities made placing of the foot on the ground difficult leading to knuckling and stumbling, especially at higher speeds.

A CT of both forelegs was obtained and a 3D model of each leg was prepared. A dummy run on the surgery to ensure accuracy of the surgical plan and appropriate size of implants was then carried out and once confirmed that all was good, surgery was performed on each radius and ulna in a staged fashion with osteotomy of the ulna followed by corrective wedge osteotomy of the radius secured with a locking plate.

Recovery after both procedures was routine and gait significantly improved with elimination of the knuckling and increase in exercise levels and mobility.